You will find handmade items from these local artists at Perino’s.

Perino's is dedicated to providing our customers with a creative and unique selection, as well as supporting our local economy.

Reclaimed wood fleur de lis cooler


Steve Bandi with
Big Easy Woodworks

Big Easy Woodworks was born out of a desire to re-purpose
and recycle building materials recovered from homes
that were affected by Hurricane Katrina.





Diane Cimo


Diane Cimo

Diane Cimo was born and lived in the French Quarter during her early life. Her love of art was visualized as a child when she visited her grandparents factory in the Quarter. Here love of the architectual details and the passion of the culture became ingrained in her.. A multi-media artist, Diane works with canvas, glass, papier mache', metal and whater ever else catches her imagination.






Heather Elizabeth Wine Stoppers


Heather Elizabeth

Heather Elizabeth is a fifth generation New Orleanian. Her company, Heather Elizabeth Designs, Inc, was formed in 2002. She is the original creator of New Orleans photograph jewelry & accessories for home. Her love of all things New Orleans inspired her to create wearable art and accessories for the home. Her NOLA photo night lights have been a staple in homes across the region for many years.



Birdhouses by Willi - All hand made!


Birdhouses by Willi

Willi Highland ("The Birdhouse Man") is a New Orleans local who handcrafts colorful and unique birdhouses from a variety of recycled materials.





Lisa Devlin Designs

Lisa Devlin is a native New Orleanian whose interests include photography, graphic design, painting and jewelry making.  She is the latest addition to our local artist lineup here at Perino's and we are thrilled to be carrying her pieces!  Come check out her painted slates, ridge caps, notecards and jewelry!