Step 1: Choose a Pot!

  • Make sure the pot has a hole for drainage
  • Pot should be neither too big nor too small; roughly 2″ larger in diameter than the plant is preferable
  • Place a pot ship or rocks above drainage hole to prevent clogging

Step 2: Plant your plant!

  • Use a good quality, well-drained potting soil. Try our Perino’s blend that we mix in house!
  • Don’t plant too deep! Make sure that the top of the rootball is exposed, free from excess soil and/or mulch

Step 3: Fertilize!

Step 4: Water!

  • Water your plant thoroughly till water runs out of the pot
  • Water plant as needed. There’s no answer for exactly how often to water your plant; it depends on the type of your plant and the conditions of your plants location.