Need help designing your flower beds? Talk with our in-house designer, Cole!

  • Meeting

    Schedule a meeting with Cole, our in-house designer. To schedule a meeting, email Cole (details below).

    Email Cole
  • Deposit

    During your initial meeting with Cole, provide a $150 deposit.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with Cole to make your dream landscape a reality! You will receive a copy of the finished design upon approval.

  • Purchase

    Purchase your plants from Perino's to finalize your design. If a minimum of $1,000 is purchased, your initial $150 deposit will be credited and applied towards your plant purchase*.

Price & Service Provided:

» Design fee of a $150
» FREE with a $1,000 plant purchase from Perino’s!
» 30 minute intro call or in person meeting (preferred) to discuss plant needs and aesthetic goals
» A scaled, hand drawn design of your landscape
» Meeting with Cole to finalize design

If changes are made at this point, the design will not be redrawn, but notes will be made as to which plants the customer wishes to substitute.

What we need from you:

Multiple pictures of your space
Amount of sun exposure
Dimensions of your bed

*Please note that if plants are not purchased from Perino’s Home and Garden Center, Perino’s will retain the $150 deposit for our services.


To schedule your meeting, email Cole at

Please include the following details in your message:
  • Multiple photos of the space
  • The amount of sun exposure (hours of sun & direction)
  • The dimensions of the bed (length & width)