Lawn care can be one of the most tricky aspects of curb appeal. Different seasons come with different problems and obstacles.


Lawn should be dormant. Monitor for fungus, during warm winters you can spray for weeds.


Apply pre-emergent weed granules, spray liquid herbicides for weeds in the lawn.


Weed and feed if necessary, if not use a regular fertilizer with iron. Resume watering schedule to keep your lawn hydrated.


Monitor weather. If we are wet apply fungicide as a preventative. You can still spray for weeds if we are below 85 degrees.


Monitor lawn for insect damage, chinch bugs and sod webworm love hot weather. Keep lawn hydrated. Mild fertilizers like milorganite can be used.


When temperatures are below 85 degrees it is safe to spray for weeds again. In the end of September you can put down your winterizer.


Put down your pre-emergent granules to prevent winter and spring weeds.


Grass will begin to go dormant, monitor for fungus and spray weeds as necessary.