1. Site prep!
    • Clear area of debris & grass (2′ perimeter)
    • Loosen & turn soil; add soil conditioner & top soil
  2. Dig hole!
    • Use the nursery pot to gauge how deep the hole should be; top of root ball should be 2″ ABOVE soil level
    • Make hole wide enough so that loose, soft soil can surround the root ball
  3. Plant it!
    • *Double check planting depth
    • Always make sure plant is thoroughly watered BEFORE you plant
    • Back fill hole with fresh soil
  4. Fertilize!
    • Use a good control release fertilizer, we like Harrell’s Super Green
  5. Mulch!
    • Use a good quality mulch like cypress or pine needle; make sure not to go too thick or too close to the trunk.
    • This helps suppress weeds, retain water, and keeps the grass from growing up to the plant ( NEVER weed-eat around the trunk-if you nik the bark it can be FATAL!)
  6. Water!
    • Make sure to thoroughly water plant in; really soak that root ball.
    • Make sure to check the plant daily and check the actual root ball, if it is dry water! (VERY IMPORTANT for the first year of planting; you do not want your new roots to suffer)