Poinsettias are tropical plants. If you are going to keep them outside on a porch, you need to be sure to bring them in when it is under 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if it is very windy (they are very fragile!)

Poinsettias can last for a long time inside, and like to get a little dry in-between waterings. Think: not as much water, but more often.

Always make sure the poinsettia is not sitting in water and has proper drainage. If you have a decorative sleeve on your poinsettia, please remove it before watering!

They are slightly toxic to animals. If you have a pet that likes to munch on plants, please keep them out of reach to be safe!

Sometimes you may get a brown leaf or two, it is important to pinch off the brown leaves as soon as you see them to prevent any browning from spreading.